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PTLLS (Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector)

The purpose of this City and Guilds 7303 scheme is to provide an introduction for those who wish to train or teach. It is a qualification that will equip a wide range of trainers, facilitators and teachers to support learners.


City and Guilds 7303 (C&G 7303) is a stepping stone award and replaces the C&G 7302 and micro-teaching element of the old Certificate in Further and Adult Education Teaching (7307 stage 1). C&G 7303 introduces candidates to delivering training and is ideal for trainers in commerce, industry, public and voluntary sectors or HM forces, who might not have had the opportunity to build up any teaching hours.


C&G 7303 is Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) accredited.


The City and Guilds 7303 Award is suitable for those who work, or want to work, as:


* Teachers/Trainers/Tutors in the Lifelong Learning Sector and Adult/Community Education

* Trainers of personnel in commerce, industry, public and volutary sectors or HM Forces

* Technicians and Support Staff in Further and Adult Education

* Part time teachers in further and adult education


provided they are qualified in the subject they intend to teach by virtue of holding an appropriate professional qualification or employed in a training/teaching role. The decision as to what constitutes an appropriate qualification is at the discretion of the training provider.


C&G 7303 is related to and overlaps the following existing City and Guilds awards:


* C&G 7302 Certificate and Diploma in Delivering Learning (Level 3)

* C&G 7407 Certificate in Further Education Teacher (Level 4)

* C&G 7318 Learning and Development awards (Level 3)

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