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Sallyann Ball Community Champion

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Sensitive Letting Policies

These policies are a preventative measure that addresses housing needs and allocations within social housing. A policy that not only looks at the prospective tenants need for housing but ensures that the placement does not have a negative impact on the community. Local authorities have a duty to secure accommodation under Part 7 of the Housing Act 1996, to individuals presenting themselves as homeless or with a genuine need for housing. Some of this clientele have issues and lifestyles that make accessing suitable housing difficult. Housing associations and local authority housing are governed by the same rules and allocations were made according to the need to be housed. This process does not address the individual needs of the client or the support required for them to sustain their tenancies; it also does not consider the impact of this tenancy allocation on the local community.


Sensitive letting policies otherwise known as neighbourhood charters or local letting plans are a partnership approach to housing that engages with the local community and other service providers. It enhances sustainable communities as, when in place, it can reduce crime and anti-social behaviour in a specific community. This in turn can have a positive impact on housing revenue as less money is spent dealing with neighbourhood nuisance, criminal damage and anti-social behaviour.


Although not mandatory many registered social landlords use this approach to housing in the interests of good estate management and as a way to sustain communities by minimising problems associated with anti-social behaviour.

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