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Sallyann Ball Community Champion

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Tenants And Residents Of England

TAROE, the Tenants’ and Residents’ Organisations of England, is a democratically run, accountable, national organisation which unites tenants’ and residents’ groups from the regulated housing sector across England. 


We are the only recognised representative and national organisation of its kind in England. We are a tenant led organisation that is open to all tenants in the regulated housing sector. Our members represent almost 5 million people, bringing together the direct knowledge, experience and expertise of tenants themselves. TAROE therefore has unique knowledge and understanding of tenants’ needs, of what works and what is likely to be of most help to tenants.


TAROE aims to secure equal rights for all tenants. We aim to improve the quality, accessibility and affordability of housing in the regulated housing sector, and to improve and protect the quality of life, social and environmental conditions for everyone in our local communities.


TAROE is a non-profit making company limited by guarantee. It is an organisation with charitable aims, meaning that any profits generated are re-invested for the benefit of our members. The company is governed by a voluntary Board of directors, drawn from its membership.


TAROE was established in 1997, and brought together the former National Tenants Organisation (NTO) and the former National Tenants and Residents Federation (NTRF) into one body to represent tenants from the regulated housing sector across England.


To achieve our aims, TAROE engages in a broad range of activities, including:


Uniting tenants groups across England, from all types of housing across the regulated housing sector


Campaigning to enhance and protect tenants rights


Raising awareness amongst policy makers of the concerns and issues which affect tenants wherever they live


Providing leadership for the “tenants movement” to empower tenants at all levels


Providing practical help, advice and information to support the development of representative tenant organisations


Representing and promoting the interests of tenants to policy makers and the government


Influencing the development and implementation of housing provision, policy and practice at local, regional and national levels, to promote good quality, accessible housing that will meet tenants needs and aspirations.

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