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Sallyann Ball Community Champion

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Neighbourhood Regeneration Team (Stonehouse Neighbourhood Management Team)

Neighbourhood management is all about improving quality of life for people in neighbourhoods that have poorer housing, health and educational achievement and higher levels of crime, and unemployment than other areas of Plymouth. Residents are at the heart of neighbourhood management. They are the people that have to live with any failure of services to get to grips with litter, housing crime, anti-social behaviour, poorly maintained roads, parks and buildings. Neighbourhood management will involve residents, the Council, Police, health, community and voluntary organisations work together to put problems right now and in the future.


How neighbourhood management works in Plymouth.


North Prospect and Stonehouse are the two pilot areas. These each have a core Neighbourhood Management Team of two Neighbourhood Wardens on the streets, a Neighbourhood Manager and an assistant. The teams work with local neighbourhood partnerships (Stonehouse Action and North Prospect Partnership) to make sure residents get involved in identifying the problems and being part of the solutions.


The early focus will be on:

• Tackling crime and anti-social behaviour

• Environment - housing issues, litter, graffiti, parks, and open spaces.


Neighbourhood management is a clear point of contact for residents and find out from residents how services can be improved. With local Neighbourhood Partnerships, we will encourage and support community involvement and work together on a Neighbourhood Action Plan. This will say how and when improvements will be made, and who is responsible for making them. Shape, influence, co-ordinate and monitor mainstream public services in response to the needs of the neighbourhood. Give residents more information about services and how to use them. Work with the police, Housing Officers and Environmental Enforcement Officers to tackle people who cause problems for other residents.


The team spend time on the streets listening to residents, finding out what the problems are and suggestions on how we can get these sorted out. They will report any problems and keep you up to date with progress. Raise awareness about what you can expect from the Council services and what is expected from residents.


Will it make a difference?


Yes, if residents get involved. Residents are the best people to identify what needs to be improved in their neighbourhood and help be part of the solution. We will agree improved targets with service providers, and will monitor these to ensure that improvements are kept up. We will make sure residents know what changes are happening and what difference it is making through regular publicity. Residents will know more about their services and how to use them.


Stonehouse Neighbourhood Management Team and North Prospect Partnership will help residents get involved through events, activities, forums and working with residents associations and community groups. Your Neighbourhood Partnership can help support community led activities such as street representatives or residents groups, action groups tackling particular issues. You could assist with carrying out local consultation, monitoring Council services, or becoming a street representative. Have your say on problems or good services in your neighbourhood by talking to your neighbourhood partnerships or wardens.


Stonehouse Neighbourhood Management are a small team based in the Millfields Estate in central Stonehouse.


The main purpose is to try to improve the quality of life for residents in Stonehouse and to make sure that the people of Stonehouse have a proper say in how the neighbourhood is developing and how services are delivered.


They can help in a numbers of ways. For example by raising any issues residents might have with the proper authorities and then using local knowledge, work with them to come up with the best solution. They could also help set up residents groups and advise on the best way to get voices heard.

Recently the team have helped start up new residents groups at Hetling and Prynne Close and Claremont Street Flats; have been working with residents and other Council departments on the North Stonehouse Home Zone project; have worked closely with the Police, residents and other agencies like the Harbour Centre to reduce the impact of drug use and drug dealing and are about to start work on a major project aimed at reducing the levels of dog fouling on our streets and green spaces.


In May 2010 both Stonehouse Neighbourhood Management and the North Prospect Partnership came together to form the Neighbourhood Regeneration Team based in the East End. As a team they will be expanding the neighbourhoods they cover, in order to further the City Council’s aim to reduce inequalities in Plymouth. The Team will cover 7 localities: North Prospect, Stonehouse, Stoke, Barne Barton. Whitleigh, Devonport and Honickowle. Three Neighbourhood Managers and five Neighbourhood Wardens will cover the areas. So what does that mean for Stonehouse? The good news is that the team will be continuing to work there, although we will have slightly less time. So, you will still be able to contact the Neighbourhood Management team, and you will still see the Wardens about the streets!


What we have been doing over the last few months:

• Supporting new residents groups.

• Helping residents build a sensory garden in Claremont Street Flats.

• Helping with the North Stonehouse and Flora Court Home Zone Consultation.

• Replanting the raised flower beds at St Mary’s Street Flats.

• Organised two days of community action training for local residents.

• Helped draw down an additional £5,000 for the Stonehouse Small Grants Fund from the Governments ‘Connecting Communities’ initiative, and have helped 8 groups within the neighbourhood to put in successful applications for some of this money.

• Targeted dog fouling in the neighbourhood.

• Working with residents and our Parks Services Department towards resolving the issue of the gun emplacements on Devil’s Point.


What we will continue to do:

• Patrol the area and report problems like graffiti, flytipping, street lighting, anti-social behaviour.

• Listen to residents concerns and work with partners and service providers to try and resolve them.

• Undertake local inspections.

• Help other service providers and agencies deliver projects and better services within the neighbourhood, such as Home Zone.

• Attend residents meetings and support local groups and associations to undertake their own neighbourhood activity.

• Work more closely with the PHDU on healthy living activity.

• Work towards making Stonehouse a better place to work, play and live.


Neighbourhood Management contact details:

Telephone: 01752 306532 (main office)










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