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Sallyann Ball Community Champion

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CV & Contact details

29 Valletort House
Union Place




01752 298526



My Personal Goal

Community management is the field of work I really enjoy, including housing issues, environmental issues and anti-social behaviour.
I am very passionate about my work and my aim as always is to change things for the better.
I enjoy challenging service providers and over the years have gained enough knowledge to be able to do this on a credible, level footing.
I accept constructive criticism but avoid confrontation.


Personal Statement

I am a community activist working with amongst others, the local Council to better my local environment. I was the Secretary of my local residents group from 1999 to 2011 and in 2006 initiated a new residents group, Valletort House Residents Group. I personally implemented a Sensitive Lettings Scheme in 2006 adopted and supported by Plymouth Community Homes, formerly Plymouth City Council Housing Department and because of this and my other work I was awarded the “2007 - Respect Award for Taking A Stand” (RAFTAS) in March 2007 and the "Outstanding Contribution to your Community Award" in June 2007 by the Government Respect Minister, Louise Casey. I work very closely with Stonehouse Neighbourhood Management Team and the local Neighbourhood Policing Team.

In November 2009 I became one of the Home Office approved Community Crime Fighters having attended a residential training event at Trafford Hall in Chester and in February 2010 I was elected by Plymfed as one of the Plymouth Third Sector Consortium new Directors for the Consortium Executive.

I am an active member or closely affiliated to the following groups: -

* Adelaide Community Project 1998 - present
in partnership with Plymouth City Council, Groundwork Trust, Stonehouse Neighbourhood Management, Local Neighbourhood Police
Community Messaging Service (Ringmaster)

* Plymfed (formerly PETRA) 2001 - present
HARP and delegates
Housing Management (Elected Vice Chair)
Sustainable Communities Working Group, formerly Allocations (ended)
Choice Based Lettings - Devon Home Choice
Anti-social Behaviour Service Improvement Group (ended)
Caretaking Service Improvement Group (ended)
Parking Review Group - Task & Finish (ended)

* Anti-social Behaviour Unit (ASBU)

* PETALS (Plymouth Together Advice Line Service)

* Stonehouse Action (Umbrella residents association) 2002 - 2006

* Valletort House Residents 2006 - present

* Plymouth 2020 (LSP) Safe and Strong Community Rep 2008 - 2011

* Plymouth City Council

* Resident Involvement Network (formerly Tenant Participation Team) 2006 - present
Interested Tenants Network

* Plymouth Community Homes 2009 - present
Continuous Improvement Working groups

* Plymouth Third Sector Consortium 2010 - present

I work in the local community with tenants affected by issues such as low level anti-social behaviour, housing repair issues, tenancy sustainability on an entirely voluntary basis. I also work with victims of anti-social behaviour as a victim support worker, again voluntarily. Because of my work in the community, Superintendent Jim Webster of Devon and Cornwall Constabulary accessed funding through Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service for me to go to Plymouth University to do a three year degree in Public Services - Community Management, then I became the elected student representative for my course.

Working within my own community I endeavour to ensure that I am kept up to date with policies and procedures that may affect my residents.

I also work closely with all service providers to ensure that the strategies, policies and procedures in place have a positive affect on the community.

Community Inclusion, Engagement and Empowerment are my three main values.



Sue Atkinson

Kings Road, Devonport, Plymouth, PL1 5QG

01752 305867

Position:Programme Manager, Foundation Degree, Public Services. Faculty of Business & Leisure Industries



2010 - Present

Plymouth Third Sector Consortium

Plymouth Third Sector Consortium working with Plymouth 2020 is aiming to create sustainable and effective voluntary and community sectors (Third Sector) in the city, supported by high quality services. This includes practical support and strategic engagement to help shape local services, with engagement in the planning commissioning and delivery of these services.

Position:Director for the Consortium Executive

2009 - Present

Plymouth Community Homes/Resident Involvement Network

Service Charge Steering Group May 2010 - present

Position:Tenant Rep

5 links

2007 - Present

Plymouth City Council/Tenant Participation Team

• Continuous Improvement Working groups
• Transfer of all homes Nov 2009 to a stand alone Housing Association
• Transfer document
• Service level agreements

Position:Tenant representative

4 links

2006 - Present

Valletort House Residents Group

Founder of small residents group affiliated with Adelaide Community Project.
Initiated Local Sensitive Lettings Plan that has been adopted and endorsed by Plymouth Community Homes, formerly Plymouth City Council Housing.
Responsible for newsletter informing tenants of relevant housing information.
Signpost tenants as necessary.
Liaise with Housing department.
Organise events, funding opportunities and sustainability of group.


6 links

2002 - Present

Plymfed (formerly PETRA)

•Housing Management
•Sustainable Communities Working Group
•Choice Based Lettings – Devon Home Choice
•HARP and delegates
•Anti-Social Behaviour Service Improvement Group
•Anti-Social Behaviour Unit / PETALS

Attend multi-agency and in house meetings.
Chair meetings when required.
Disseminate information from meetings to relevant community members and vice versa.

Position:Housing Management Delegate/Vice Chair (Sept 2009)

3 links

1999 - Present

Adelaide Community Project

Manage the residents group.
Organise meetings.
Organise events, funding opportunities and sustainability of group.
Liase with partner organisations.
Ensure information disseminated to community and partnership agencies when necessary.
Signpost tenants to relevant organisations.
Take, write, print and deliver minutes.
Organised Sunday Fundays 1999 - 2004, an annual information community relations (fun for all the family) event for all residents in the community.

• Abercrombie Award 2007
• Street design Award 2008
• RTPI Award 2008
• Partnership agencies PCC & Housing (PCH), NMT, Police & PCSOs

Position:Secretary (since 2003) Local residents group

9 links

Home Office

Position:Community Crime Fighter

2 links

2008 - 2011

Plymouth 2020 Local Strategic Partnership

Local Strategic Partnership
Liaison between the following agencies
•Plymouth Community Safety Partnership (CDRP)
•Neighbourhood Management Team
•Plymouth City Council
•Plymouth Community Homes
•Local Education Authority
•Primary Care Trust

Attend meetings, events and conferences.
Inform policy makers when and how policies in place need to be updated or amended.
Real input into Local Area Agreement - making Plymouth a vibrant waterfront city where people want to live.
Local Strategic Partnership four substrand theme groups - Health, Wealth, Wise, Safe and Strong
Look at strategies in place, ensuring that they have a positive affect on local communities.

Position:Safe and Strong Community Rep

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Abilities / Skills

Community and Tenant Rep

Tenant Empowerment, Inclusion and Engagement

IT competent with C.L.A.I.T. qualification.
Good organisational skills.
Time management excellent.
Good listening skills.
Passionate about negative issues affecting communities, with a real desire to help or change for the better.
Ability to understand policies and procedures and able to give positive input into what impact, if any, it will have on communities.

Pebblepad Champion

Pebblepad eportfolio


Hobbies and Interests


I enjoy listening to music, watching films and reading books. A lot of my free time is taken up with my community work, University assignments and any other free time is spent with my two children.


Beliefs and Values


My Beliefs

I believe that everybody has the right to a quiet life. To enjoy their time, family and surroundings in the manner they choose as long as it does not have a negative impact on anybody around them.


Awards, Prizes and Grants


28 June 2007

Outstanding Contribution To Your Community Award

From Government Respect Task Force for tackling anti-social behaviour and initiating a Sensitive Lettings Policy at Valletort House.

1 link

26 March 2007


Respect Award For Taking A Stand

2 links


20 February 2010

Community Crime Fighters Grant

£1000 to engage with the local community, to be used to advertise the tools and contacts available in order to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour, in whatever way I choose as appropriate and successful.
Funds used to produce a trifold newsletter "Adelaide Park Home Zone" information booklet - distributed to the occupants within the Home Zone boundary.

20 June 2006

RAFTAS £1000

Awarded with the RAFTAS 2007.
To be used to tackle anti-social behaviour.
Donated to PETALS advice line.


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