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Sallyann Ball Community Champion

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Valletort House Residents Sensitive Lettings Policy

Valletort House Residents

Welcomes You


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On behalf of all residents of Valletort House, we would like to welcome you to your new flat.


Helping you to settle in:


• If you are new to the area you may need help to find local amenities and services – please feel free to ask your neighbour or your tenant representative.


• As a new tenant you may need information on how to get help from the Housing Office – ask the tenant rep who will point you in the right direction.


Getting to know your neighbours:


• You could start by knocking on your neighbour’s door and introducing yourself.


• You can also attend residents meetings. We will notify you when the next meeting is being held.


Being a good tenant and neighbour:


What you do within your own property, providing it’s legal, is your own business.

However, it becomes our business if your behaviour causes nuisance to your neighbour or other members of the community.


To avoid this happening, we have provided the following guidelines on the standards of behaviour we expect from each other:


• Music to be played at a reasonable level, particularly after 9pm when children are trying to sleep.


• When holding parties please inform/invite neighbours.


• Make sure rubbish and recycling are put in locked bin sheds only and not placed in the communal hallway.


• Pets: Dogs are not allowed in the back garden at all (Children play in this area).

Dogs are not to be left unsupervised in communal hallway.

Dog faeces is to be cleaned up and disposed of responsibly.


• Bikes, etc, not to be stored in stairwell, please use the shed.


• Communal door to remain shut and not wedged open.


• Do not open the communal door for other people’s visitors or hawkers.


• Do not ask on a regular basis to be let in to flats, use your own fob.


• Stairs to be cleaned on a rotation basis.


• Stairs not to be used as a litterbin.


• You are responsible for the conduct of your visitors.


• Gates/entrance to the garden to be secured on exit.


• Garden and plants to be respected.


Dealing with anti-social behaviour:


Our community has experienced anti-social behaviour in the past. It is not something we want to go through again. Nevertheless, the experience has made us stronger as a community, and we are now more confident and determined to deal with anti-social behaviour should the need arise again.


If you are experiencing anti-social behaviour, don’t be afraid to speak up about it. In the first instance, after the situation has calmed down, try having a polite word with the person causing the problem. If that doesn’t work, talk to the tenant rep. If they can’t help, then you should approach the Estate Housing Officer, who is able to take more formal action.

Sensitive Lettings - A Real Success Story


Our Neighbourhood Charter has been in place and working successfully for more than three years now and is proof that if residents work together anything is possible. As a community we have come together for various events including birthday parties, Christmas events, BBQs and a Hungarian taste fest and we have won four separate gardening competitions. Our residents were also very involved in the development of Adelaide Park Home Zone.

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