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Sallyann Ball Community Champion

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Community Crime Fighters


The Community Crime Fighters programme was announced in September 2008. It aims to develop stronger links between crime-fighting agencies and the communities they serve. Community Crime Fighters are members of the public who are already actively involved in their communities and want to do or know more.


The Community Crime Fighter programme is a training and support scheme for 3,600 members of the public who are already active in their community and who want to know more about what they can do to help tackle crime and anti-social behaviour.


The crime fighter training will give them the knowledge, skills and confidence to act as advocates for their communities in relation to the police and criminal justice agencies.


A Community Crime Fighter can be a member of the public who is already active in their community, perhaps through Neighbourhood Watch, as a tenants' or residents' representative or through their own community activity. Through attending training, they will remain an active member of the community but one who knows more and is more confident in asking for what they and their communities need.


The Community Crime Fighters programme will provide information and training on services individuals should expect - for example promises from the police under the new national Policing Pledge, as well as what they can do if they see problems in their neighbourhood. This will help them work with services to tackle crime and will also help filter information to others in the community.


The scheme does not confer additional status, any formal role or authority on those who participate. However it recognises that those who are committed and in many cases brave enough to help their area and play their role in tackling crime deserve our encouragement, support and our help in enabling them to be as successful as possible in advocating for their communities.


The Community Crime Fighters Action Line is available to all trained Community Crime Fighters 0808 000 2030.


I became a Community Crime Fighter after attending a one day event in September and a residential event at Trafford Hall in November 2009.


In order to take forward the Community Crime Fighter initiative I am working with partner agencies to develop the scheme further.



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